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by | Aug 17, 2022 | News / Blog

You may not have a tiny bedroom in your Cyprus home, however sometimes it is how you style them that makes them appear smaller than they actually are. If this is your problem, you’re not alone-it’s one of the biggest decorating problems on the island and around the rest of the world. If you don’t want to remodel, there are some tricks to make your bedroom look bigger than it is.


Make use of vertical space

If you’re working with a small space, use your walls right to the ceiling. You’ll use the space you’ve got more effectively and draw the eye upwards, making it seem bigger. Floor-to-ceiling shelves are a great way to add extra storage, interest, and visual space to a bedroom, but they’re not for everyone. You can also invest in a tall headboard and hang art or another decor over the bed, taking up as much space as you can.


Get your mattress sizings right

Many of us would love to indulge in a large and luxurious mattress at home each night, however, a large mattress can sometimes be the thing that is making your Cyprus bedroom appear smaller. It is important to buy a mattress that is appropriate for the square footage of your bedroom but still allows you to have a comfortable and luxurious night’s sleep every single night.

It is also important to assess your natural sleeping position, whether or not you have any aches and pains that need to be supported and the level of support you prefer. A back sleeper requires more support than a side sleeper, a firm or medium firm mattress is recommended to provide essential support to maintain the natural alignment of the spine if you are a front sleeper and a side sleeper requires something that moulds closer to your body.


Maintain a neutral colour scheme

Give your bedroom a calm feel with white and off-white tones and accessories in pale colours and a luxurious throw in off-white. This is a design tip that will help you sleep better every night. Keep the scheme as neutral as possible so that items don’t compete for attention and the space appears less cluttered. But feel free to add the odd warmer tone through cushions and small decor to prevent the scheme from feeling cold and clinical.

Plus you should also make the most of natural light to help make your room feel larger. If you keep your windows bare and unadorned, it will help make your room seem as if it’s connected to the outside space, giving it an air of spaciousness and helping to bring the peaceful outside in.


Proportion your space

It doesn’t mean you have to have small furniture, it just means you need items that match in size and are sized appropriately for your space. A king-sized bed flanked by two tiny nightstands doesn’t work. Make sure your bed size allows you to put at least one or two nightstands beside the that are big enough to stand on their own. Your dresser should complement your mattress, too. the nightstand in scale—often, a dresser that is tall and narrow works better than a wide, short piece in a small room.

Base all of your decision around a bed frame and mattress that works for yourself and then complete all design solutions around this,

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