How to buy a new memory foam mattress

by | Sep 28, 2022 | News / Blog

Compared to traditional inner spring mattresses, memory foam mattresses are fast becoming an alternative due to their excellent track record of providing comfort and support. Ideal for anyone who struggles with back niggles and discomfort on a night.

Memory foam mattresses are currently one of the most popular options on the market, but with so many options available it’s important that you get the best mattress for your needs. It is important to know what you are looking for when you’re looking for the perfect memory foam mattress as they all have slight variations. At Cyprus Mattresses we’re here to help you get the perfect night’s sleep with your new mattress.

Understand the density

Memory foam mattresses come in high-density, medium-density, and low-density options. High-density foam is considered the most durable, medium-density allows for optimal motion isolation, contouring to the body and provide relief for sore pressure points around the shoulder and hip areas. Low-density foam is easy to break in, meaning your body may adjust quicker to the memory foam of a low-density mattress compared to a higher-density version.

Choosing the right density of memory foam mattress does come down to personal choice a lot of the time.

Temperature control

One of the more unknown benefits of a memory foam mattress is its ability to react to the temperature of the room you’re in. In lower temperatures it’s firmer, making the cold winter nights a little easier to deal with. In higher temperatures it’s softer and more elastic, allowing you to achieve comfort even on the hottest of summer nights.

Manufacturers have introduced foams with open cell structures to allow air to flow through more freely as well as different combinations of materials which prevent the mattress from retaining too much heat. Make sure you understand the mattress structure before purchasing, especially if you tend to get hot when you sleep.

Select a mattress size

Although memory foam mattresses are considered specialty mattresses, they actually come in all the standard mattress sizes, which allows for easy pairing with your current bed frame. Whether you’ve got a 3ft space-saving single bed or a luxurious super king, you’re sure to find the perfect memory foam mattress to suit your needs.

Memory foam mattresses have significantly grown in popularity in the past 10 years. When you’re on the hunt for the perfect mattress you’ll come across all different types, price points, and features, but at the top of the list you’ll probably come across memory foam mattresses. Memory foam mattresses are a great option to consider when looking to invest in a new mattress so it’s important that you do your research.


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