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by | Aug 3, 2022 | News / Blog

At Cyprus Mattresses, we do everything we possibly can to help our customers, whether it is deciding on the most suitable mattress for your needs or keeping you up to date with your order, we like to help! We’ve pulled together some of our most frequently asked questions to help you if you’ve got a question you need an answer to straight away.


What is memory foam?

Memory foam is a new material, developed by NASA for the space program to give astronauts additional support during take-off and landing. High-density memory foam, like that used in our mattresses, was developed for use in the bedding industry because of its amazing pressure relieving ability. Memory foam reacts with the heat of your body, moulding to your body shape and giving you ultimate support and comfort for a really great night’s sleep.



Do you off tracked delivery from the UK?

Buying a Mattress from Cyprus Mattresses couldn’t be simpler, we offer speedy delivery from the UK on all items that are in stock, to most areas of Cyprus. Simply pick your product, choose your options, proceed through check-out and we’ll keep you informed of the progress of your delivery. Our fast and efficient delivery service uses UPS, collecting from the UK manufacturers; with all the delivery and duty charges paid and delivered directly to your door. The guide window for delivery is approximately 7-14 working days.



What Mattress Do You Need If You Suffer From Back Pain?

If you suffer from back pain or other joint issues, how do you choose the right mattress? Whilst we can’t provide any specific medical advice, some mattresses have been designed to provide comfort and support to help alleviate problems for those who suffer pain during the night. Figuring out what to look for in a mattress to help give you a relaxing night of sleep is all about researching what will suit you best. Orthopaedic mattresses are specifically designed to provide you with all the support you need and alleviate pressure on your joints. Memory foam mattresses are also perfect for those suffering from back pain as they are designed to contour to your body through the night, providing you with the ideal amount of support as you sleep!


What’s the difference between UK and EU mattress sizes?

Mattresses sold in the UK and Ireland for example are mostly constructed using metric dimensions. The UK and Ireland have a few main mattress sizes; namely single, double, king and super king.  A standard double-sized mattress in the UK and Ireland measures 135cm x 190cm (53″ x 75″). In continental Europe however, a standard double-sized mattress will measure 140cm x 200cm (55″ x 79″). This may not seem like a lot, but a mattress that is too big or too small for your bed frame could potentially cause negative effects on the quality of your sleep.


Can you sleep on a new mattress straight away?

If you’ve purchased a standard unrolled mattress, this will be ready for sleeping on instantly. Rolled mattresses, however, can take up to 48 hours to unroll and rise fully. This decision though is completely up to you and you can decide how long to wait before sleeping on your new mattress!

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